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Islam is a religion of peace, we are told. Then someone posts a YouTube video designed to upset Muslims, and succeeds in spades. There are enormously violent protests by Muslims demanding retribution against… well… I don’t think they’re quite sure who, but of course whoever they’re angry at must be American, and they want an apology from the American government. Read the rest of this entry »


My blog hits have spiked, and I think I know why, so with apologies I feel a need to venture far afield from the stated purpose of this blog. A few years ago, the San Jose Mercury News was running a “one-liners” section as part their editorial letters. I had been saying since 9/11 that what had brought down the towers was faith (given the motivation of the perpetrators), and it occurred to me to juxtapose that notion with the idea of faith moving mountains. I’m surprised that no one seems to have beaten me to it. The quotation has made its way around the web for some time. Apparently, someone posted it this week to something called “reddit” and my blog hits and Facebook invitations have gone through the roof. It seems that this would be a very opportune moment to comment further.
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