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A common practice in the EDA industry is to assign the task of teaching classes to applications engineers. At first blush, this makes sense, since the job of the applications engineer is to deal directly with customer engineers. However, there is a difference between dealing one-on-one and being in charge of a classroom. Read the rest of this entry »

Technical training is often created by people with technical expertise but little knowledge of teaching and adult learning. At times it seems as if it is put together for the convenience of scheduling and management with little regard for how successful it might be at imparting useful knowledge to the student.  Read the rest of this entry »

My name is Bill Gascoyne. I am an ASIC design engineer by vocation and education, and for the past fifteen years my career has focused largely on creating and delivering training for other ASIC engineers, first with LSI Logic and most recently with Magma Design Automation. I delight in explaining highly technical material and making it accessible to audiences at any level, from novice to expert, in either a live lecture environment or on the web.