Imagine if you will how much better our national elections would be if we had the choice of “None of the Above.” The first thing to understand about this choice is the difference between “NotA” and declining to vote. Declining to vote, contrary to what some would claim, is the equivalent of “Any of the Above” which is the exact opposite of “NotA.” “None of the Above” means disqualify everyone on the ballot and start over. Think of how much more would we get from candidates who had to campaign against “NotA.” No longer would we be forced to choose the least of the evils. The political establishment would need to guard against this ultimate vote of no confidence, which is not currently an option. As it now stands, there are any number of corrupt and near-corrupt strategies employed by the Republicrat-Demolican duopoly that makes their current abysmal approval rating a non-issue for them. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, negative campaigning, all become moot if the American voter can call for a do-over. How do we cope in the meantime if “NotA” wins? Who cares? How much worse could it be?