In nature, there are few more than a handful of strategies that together are employed by the vast majority of sexual species to reproduce and care for their young (or not care). There’s the solitary female (bears), the harem (gorillas, lions, most antelope species), the matriarchy (elephants), pair bonding (many birds), spawning (many fish), and  others. An examination of human societies and human physiology lead to the conclusion that humans are by and large adapted to the pair bonding strategy. Forming pairs, also known as marriage, is natural for us and remains so whether child rearing is involved or not. Humans formed pairs long before religions and societies came along to justify and approve of them. It is understandable that people should confuse natural pair bonding, religious marriage, and civil marriage. Understandable, but wrong. That the supreme court made yet another separation between church and state by reminding us all that civil marriage should be unaffected by what anyone’s religion says is cause for celebration. The fact is that the definition of civil marriage has been expanded, but by no means destroyed. Codifying the restrictions of religious belief into civil law, be it in marriage or elsewhere, is against our constitution and must be rooted out when we finally recognize it. Sometimes that recognition takes a long time.