We have a dysfunctional Federal government. Clogging congressional phone lines must be only a precursor to the real solution, which is this: do not vote for incumbents. If ever there was a time to heed the old truism that politicians are like diapers (they need to be changed periodically, and for much the same reason), it is now. Yet every two years, most of the voters across the country expect every other district to throw out their bastards while refusing to throw out their own. Re-election rates are obscene, and the average congresscritter seems to have little incentive to push for real change. Partisanship has ensured that districts are drawn to favor one party over the other. The sad truth is, we have the government that we deserve. That can all change if we all just once hold our nose (a little harder) and pull the lever for the other guy.

No Incumbents!